Synthetic Cricket Pitch Installation and Maintenance

Are you able to breathe life into an old, mistreated cricket wicket?

Every cricketer knows, the standard of the pitch could have a significant effect on just how the cricket ball reacts. Wickets which are uneven or pitted could cause the cricket ball to behave inconsistently, wickets which are quite hard is likely to make the ball bounce high and very quickly, whereas pitches which are blanketed in grass could minimise the amount that a spin bowler can turn the cricket ball.

To standardise the playing surface and give a wicket you can use in all circumstances, many leisure centres, colleges and cricket clubs use synthetic pitches. Even though synthetic wickets will be more hard-wearing than natural cricket wickets, in addition they need regular repairs and maintenance to ensure they are in pristine condition. The good news is, even ancient, uncared for wickets can be brought back to life with a bit of TLC and the right treatment solution.

Artificial Cricket Wickets

Artificial pitches may be installed on either a dynamic (stone) or non-dynamic (macadam or concrete) base. The surface of the cricket wicket itself is made of good quality short pile carpet that is either hardwood edged and nailed or nailed directly into the aggregate. Shock pads can also be placed below the surface of the pitch to ensure the cricket ball bounces nicely and also that the synthetic surface responds exactly the same way to the cricket ball every single time, no matter what the elements.

Maintaining A Synthetic Pitch

Like all manufactured surfaces, synthetic cricket cricket wickets have to be competently maintained if they’re to provide the very best playing wicket all year long. We recommend that anyone having an synthetic cricket wicket should employ a yearly deep clean process, level the batting zone often and use a minimum of one chemical treatment plan twice yearly.

Regardless of routine repairs and maintenance, cricket wickets may well decline over time, shock pads can solidify and surfaces could become uneven. When you notice that the bounce of the ball is starting to become uneven or that the surface looks tired and worn, it could be time for you to give your synthetic pitch a face lift. Click here for more information artificial cricket pitch uk.

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