Lustrous along with a short pile, preserving this kind of pitch damp will both provide life and make for better and much more thrilling play. Comprehensive irrigation is crucial to help keep the surface in pristine condition. Regular irrigation is important here, so keeping on top of any built up mould is critical with regular cleaning vital in all weathers.
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Very Best Foot Forward

There’s little doubt you’re able to help things along by inspiring participants to wear boot-wear suitable for the surface. Sports organisations have ample assistance and styles available. Quality play can also be enhanced alongside a frequent field maintenance program. The fact is, they are able to long outlast a surface guarantee with the right care and attention.

The Important Things About A Quality Contractor When Installing A Hockey Pitch

Nearly any contractor with a decent reputation will likely offer assistance with landscaping to assist the pitch itself. Possibly this could include a separate warm up area, tarmac pathways and very carefully selected trees. There are many strategies to help safeguard the life of your artificial surfaces as England Hockey are very aware of.

Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass Maintenance

Where To Buy Artificial Grass And 10 Reasons Why It Works So Well

Around the nation, increasing numbers of people are swapping their old, dull lawns and also uneven patios with long lasting and stylish artificial grass. Perfect for use in landscapes of all shapes and sizes, artificial grass set up will help you to strengthen your outside space and make an area you can enjoy come rain […]

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Synthetic Cricket Pitch
Artificial Grass Maintenance

Synthetic Cricket Pitch Installation and Maintenance

Can you breathe life into an old, uncared for cricket wicket? As any cricketer is aware, the standard of the playing surface could have a significant impact on just how the ball behaves. Pitches that are uneven or pitted might cause the ball to bounce erratically, wickets that are very, very hard can make the […]

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Synthetic Hockey Pitch
Artificial Grass Maintenance

Conserving Your Synthetic Hockey Pitch

Periodic maintenance of your hockey field will assure great playing conditions right through the year. Additionally it may reduce the risk of accidental injuries for players whilst keeping waterflow and drainage at the best possible levels. The removal of rubbish and debris from the pitch continuously may help, including pulling up any weed growth from […]

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