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  • Brussels

    Islam, Brussels and tolerance

    At sunset, when my kids said to me ‘ I want to eat this and that’ I said ‘No. We are going to have soup.” Nadia Hachim is tired. But that’s okay. It’s all in the name of God. The past month she has been fasting, reflecting and avoiding excesses, particularly culinary ones. Since August 11, Brussels Muslims have put down their forks during the daylight hours, and lived a simpler and more careful existence.

  • Zalabia

    Zalabia in The Making

    Algeria. EMAJ Magazine visits the city of Boufariq in Algeria trying to unveil the secret of the delicious Zalabia .. Watch the video by clicking on this post.

  • @hubpages.com

    Ramadan: To fast or not to fast?

    The right for a Muslim to practice his or her religious duties and observe the Ramadan does not seem to be put into question. But let us try and return the mirror and ask something that may sound provocative for some people: Should the personal decision of non-fasting also be considered as a right?

  • Halal restaurant

    Ramadan in USA: “Now I Know how it feels to be a minority”

    “How are the Muslims here adapting to this life?”, I thought as I kept looking at my watch seeing if it’s already sunset… Tracking the sun rays to know if I can break my fast… In Egypt, we just know when we hear the Adan (Muslim call to prayers), but here… oh God!

  • El Zalabia

    Algerians can’t give up “El Zalabia” during Ramadan

    If you visit the city of Boufariq (40 Km western of Algiers the capital) and you do see long queues of fasting Algerians stand under the sun rays waiting for their turn to buy something made in secret,don’t be surprised! They want their share of “El Zalabia”.

  • Ramadan diner table

    The Holy Month as seen by a secular Egyptian

    Cleansing the soul and purifying the body, let alone feeling for the poor and learning to curb worldly pleasures, seem like clichés that recede to the background as an obsession with how gourmet the much-coveted meal can be takes over.

  • Iftar: Breaking the fast after sunset

    Italy: Ramadan purifies Sara’s life and helps her lose weight

    Sara Idrissi is a 20 years old young woman born in Italy to Moroccan parents. She received a full Islamic education and when I asked her if she had ever been subject of discrimination because of it, she quickly replied: “No”.

  • Supermarket in Southern France @David de Grunelius

    How “trendy” has become Ramadan?

    Since about a year, Ramadan, together with halal food, has started to become a juicy business in France. Moving from the backside of shops and supermarkets, halal products, that used to be thrown on the scrapheap, seem now to enjoy the spotlights.

  • @Nasry Esmat

    How “freaky” is fasting Ramadan?

    “Can’t you even drink water?” said one of my American friends with a surprised face, I replied with a smile: “No I can’t”. Another friend asked : “Is it ok for you to work while fasting?” I replied by saying : “Yes for sure, I am used to working during Ramadan”, all while in my mind I was wondering if my worst fears were coming true.

  • @Alessandro Di Maio

    First Friday prayers end peacefully in Jerusalem

    Since early this morning, Jerusalem has been witnessing intense religious activity. While Jews were preparing for Sabbath and Christians were praying the Friday prayers, the local Muslim community was woken up by sounds of calls to pray issued by several minarets and speakers all around the walled Jerusalem.