Author: Jasmine Roman

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    Smell of fear in Damascus proves Assad’s illegitimacy

    After 18 months away, and with a sense of feverish homesickness and peculiar lack of belonging, I have again walked the streets of Damascus and hardly recognised it or its people.

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    The Bombing of Al-Bara

    Remnant of images; you barely see them through heavy tears. You wonder if you ever had a memory, if you ever had lived in your country though you only left some months ago. You try to see through different lenses, but each one gives you the same black spot. While watching, you keep changing the lenses and you get more exhausted, to be accurate, you get more scared.

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    Dear opposition leaders of Syria, you have failed us

    Dear National Coalition, Syrian National Council and main political opposition groups: This is a simple letter from a Syrian, without political terms and complicated language.

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    Syrian elites finding space in Lebanon

    “Syrian elites deal with their stay in Lebanon as a temporary status and they have their own plans of the day they return to their homes” writes EMAJ Author Jasmine Roman. A few years ago, a Lebanese friend said: “A Syrian person is equal to a bag of bread, to 25 Syrian Pound.” That statement

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    There is no answer for Syria’s children who suffer this war

    Beyond the romanticisation of the uprising and beyond the blame game, some simple questions must be asked: what awaits the Syrian children? What can we tell them when they grow up?

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    As the appeal of Islamism fades, Arab secularism can soar

    “Islamist movements have failed to respond to the objectives of the people” writes EMAJ Author Jasmine Roman. However, she doesn’t believe this necessarily paves the way to the movement of secularism.

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    Syrians will have to forgive his supporters

    What is the magic behind that desperate loyalty of Assad’s supporters? Why is it that every time the power, support or control of Assad is expected to fade, he seems to be strengthened within Syria? How can they continue their devotion? Can supporters of Assad really be a myth?

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    ‘Nothing but memories of Syria and my mother’s face’

    ‘I am not a refugee and will never be.” This is what I told myself, forcefully, every time I left Syria for a short trip during the last 16 months. But life is always uncertain. You never know what will happen next. On the recent day that I was supposed to return to Syria after

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    A Damascus district destroyed as Syria’s protest turns to war

    The pain of grieving mothers who have lost their children is unbearable to watch. The mother of one young student, Anas, was still waiting to see her son’s marks in the baccalaureate exams’ results.

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    Syrian aid volunteers stand against a tide of rising violence

    While international diplomatic attempts cannot solve the situation in Syria yet, it gets tougher for aid volunteers. EMAJ writer Jasmine Roman reports from Damascus. On a flimsy table surrounded by plastic chairs, a group of women unpacked their coffee and snacks for a small picnic on the outskirts of Damascus. Despite their giggles and their